Architectural Glass

Textile, Block, Foil, Ribbed – You Name It, We Have It!

We’ve taken the long-term history and artistic fabrication methods for architectural glass and transported them to the 21st century – modernizing and automating fabrication.

Utilizing high-tech software, CNC machinery, AAA grade glass material and extremely talented operators, we design and fabricate the most diversified and comprehensive line of architectural glass products in the United States.

Our design team and engineers have gone further, creating our newly released Magic Track System. Designed to be the best LED edge-lighting system for glass, it includes our patent-pending extrusions that match an architectural glass panel with an encased LED strip light to internally light all the architectural patterns on each piece of glass.

Magic produces glass in most all major species. We also offer all the latest in glue chip, ribbed, raindrop and most any species of architectural glass options available.